Becca Kufrin's Return to Instagram Gives Us Clues About Her 'Bachelorette' Season


Becca Kufrin

After shooting her season as the star of The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin has returned to Instagram, and all signs point to a successful show. She certainly deserves to find true love after Arie dumped Becca for Lauren in last season's Bachelor finale (after proposing to Becca). Could this be her turn to get the guy?

  • We can get a few clues from the photo. 

    Since it looks like Becca is at an airport with a stack of luggage, we can guess she's just getting home from the shoot. Could her tan be a clue that the finale was in a tropical location? Her smile, together with the caption saying she's ready to share her "lurve journey," certainly makes it look like she's found the one! 

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  • Who will it be?

    Given what we know about the men on Becca Kufrin's season, we have to wonder who the lucky guy could be. There was a guy with a banjo, a guy in a chicken suit, a guy riding a bull, and a guy with a confetti gun. Let's not forget about the guy who, for some unknown reason, brought a cardboard Arie. Do you think one of these guys could have won her heart?

  • From the first promo, we knew this season would be good. 

    From the infamous proposal ripped right in half to her tag line "let's do the damn thing!" it's pretty much Bachelorette perfection. This season isn't going to be Becca crying over Arie, it's going to be about her moving forward and looking for a man who treats her better. It looks like maybe she found him. 

  • We've been waiting for this since March.

    Since Becca Kufrin started filming The Bachelorette in March, we've been avoiding spoilers and waiting for May 28. Are you ready to start this journey with her, too? Only 11 days to go!