Javi Marroquin Gets Brutally Honest About His Relationship With Briana DeJesus

Javi Marroquin, Briana DeJesus

They may have broken up months ago, but Teen Mom 2 fans are just now watching the drama unfold on season 8 of the show. Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus dated for several months in the fall of 2017, before calling in quits in the new year. Now Javi has opened up about the state of their current relationship, and it doesn't sound good. 

  • In an interview with OK! magazine, Javi revealed that he "doesn't talk" to Briana at all anymore. 

    Javi Marroquin, Briana DeJesus

    Even though we're just now watching the beginning stages of Javi and Bri's relationship on MTV, Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband admitted that they have zero communication these days. "We don’t talk," Javi explained. "It is what it is. No hard feelings."

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  • Javi and Briana got super close, super quick, when they dated for several months.

    They traveled together (a neccessity since she lives in central Florida and he lives in Delaware), celebrated their kids' birthdays together, and he even apparently bought her an engagement ring (although he never put it on her finger). There were rumors, however, that they had secretly tied the knot

    It just seems strange to go from such a close relationship to zero contact.

  • Of course, Javi's not talking to Bri could have something to do with Kail.

    Javi also opened up about how watching his relationship with Bri has affected his co-parenting relationship with Kail. "It's so hard right now because we're kind of reliving it all [on the new season], and obviously me and Briana are no longer together," Javi dished. "Kail sees our side with what me and Briana were talking about, so it hurts her. I gotta deal with her, and deal with the world, and the audience seeing it."

    He did say that he's doing his best to cope with the fallout from his ill-fated love affair with Bri. He said of Kailyn, "We're doing a lot better communicating. If something bothers her she calls me. We're doing really well."
  • Or it could have to do with his new lady love, Lauren Comaeu.

    Javi and Lauren dated briefly just before he got together with Briana, and they've been going strong for the past few months. He's posted several photos of them together on his Instagram page, and included comments like, "I'll travel world with you, not once but twice. The closer i get to you the more it feels like paradise." 

    Here's to hoping for a better future for Javi and Lauren than him and Bri.