Jenelle Evans Gets Accused of Promoting an Unhealthy Body Image

Jenelle Evans

What did she expect? Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans just got raked over the coals on Instagram for promoting a weight loss product. The mom of three posted an advertisement for Flat Tummy Co. just a day after Kim Kardashian was slammed for doing the exact same thing. 

  • Jenelle posted an ad on Instagram for weight loss lollipops. 

    Yup, because those are a thing, apparently. She added the caption, "I never thought I’d see the day that @flattummyco came out with LOLLIPOPS as a way to help keep my stomach looking flat, but they did! Since I have a massive sweet-tooth and I’m pretty much always chasing one of my kids around, this is pretty much the best it can get for me (yummy and convenient)! I get to have lollipops, keep my appetite in-check, and continue to work towards my goals for a fit + toned tummy. Yep, my cravings can #suckit. You guys should try these out with me - berry is definitely my favorite! #flattummypops"

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  • It wasn't long before she was raked over the coals by her followers for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle 

    She was slammed for being a bad example to her own daughter Ensley.

  • Other fans pointed out that a large portion of her fanbase includes young girls.

    While Instagram states that users must be at least 13 to have an account, you know there are kids younger than that using the social media platform. Even if they are all teens and up, it's not healthy for kids that age to use diet aides like this. 

  • She was even accused of making others feel "not good enough."

  • And of course people brought up that Kim Kardashian was completely burned earlier this week for promoting the same exact lollipops. 

    The Good Place star Jameela Jamil basically ripped Kim Kardashian a new one after the reality star promoted the same product. She said that Kim was a "terrible and toxic influence on young girls," and she should live her life in such a way that she has "something to say" at the end of it, "other than 'I had a flat stomach.'"

  • Fans even encouraged Jenelle to delete the post. 

    Kim did take her promotion down after the backlash, but so far, Jenelle's is still up. Considering that she doesn't have the kind of income Kim does, and that fact that her days on Teen Mom 2 may be numbered, we have a feeling she's going to keep promoting this stuff. After all, she has a family to support.