Chelsea DeBoer Gets Majorly Shaded for Implying She Lives a Drama-Free Life

Chelsea DeBoer, Aubree Lind-DeBoer

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have one very important question this season -- where has Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer gone? She's still on the show, but her camera time has been so limited that fans have taken to social media to express their displeasure and demand answers as to why there's not more of Chelsea on their TVs. 

  • When a fan commented that they were "going on strike" if MTV doesn't start showing more of the DeBoer household, Chels warned not to get their hopes up. 

    Chelsea insinuated that her life isn't full of enough drama anymore to warrant much airtime. Especially now that Aubree's dad, Adam Lind, isn't filming anymore, her life is mostly filled with happy normal times with hubby Cole DeBoer, Aubs, and baby Watson. 

    Another fan agreed it was about the drama, replying to Chelsea's tweet with, "I was just thinking that. What is happening to the show, it's all about drama now. I miss it being about the mom's story and kids." Chels responded with, "Same!!"

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  • Most commenters agreed that they want to see more of Chelsea's drama-free life, but some raked her over the coals for not bringing up her past indiscretions, most notably regarding ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

    Adam Lind

    According to In Touch, one commenter wrote, "I find Chelsea so fake. Like she wasn't pumping out high drama for [five] seasons before she met Cole. Girl you f--ked your baby's dad while his GF was pregnant and openly discussed it on TV."

    Dude. That was totally uncalled for, and has nothing to do with the present. Sure Chels made a mistake and hooked up with Adam -- she had a lot of growing up to do after giving birth in high school, after all. But it has nothing to do with her life now. It doesn't make her fake to not bring up every mistake she's ever made every time she opens her mouth. 

  • Drama or not, we do wish MTV would air more footage of Chelsea and Cole, especially now that they're expecting again.

    The couple announced that they're expecting again, this time a little girl. Aubree and Watson's little sister will be here this summer, and we're totally down for more of the show to be dedicated to showing how they're going to adjust to being a family of five. It's always interesting when the kids start out-numbering the parents after all! 

  • Chelsea is living the dream -- and plenty of fans want to watch her more and cheer her on.

    She married an amazing man, she's loving being an at-home mama to her kiddos, and she's just generally enjoying life these days. Keep living your best life, Chels. We're here for it.