Bekah Martinez Spills the Beans on Just How Expensive It Is to Be on 'The Bachelor'

Bekah Martinez

Looking for love isn't easy, and in this day and age, people can go to even crazier lengths than before. Long gone are the days of personal ads in the paper, and even crazy video dating is gone (which is kind of a shame, purely for entertainment value). Now, we've got a million dating apps, expensive matchmakers, and, at the top of the heap, The Bachelor. It turns out that finding love on the show is pretty expensive, too. The cost of being on The Bachelor is higher than you might think.

  • Bekah M. is laying out how much the contestants spend.

    Bekah Martinez (known to fans as "Bekah M."), who was a favorite on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season, says that looking good to get the guy is not cheap. Those outfits they wear to catch his eye? Production doesn't provide those. They have to fork over the cash for everything from bikinis to snow gear. 

    "Basically the only packing list you get is like, 'OK, prepare for eight weeks and all kinds of weather.' They don't want to give you any kind of hints about where you'll be going, so they tell you to pack everything -- bikinis, snow gear, just whatever you might possibly need," she told Glamour. "And then, of course, there are the formal gowns."

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  • Bekah begged, borrowed, and returned to get what she needed for the show. 

    With friends and connections in fashion, Bekah was able to borrow much of what she needed, so she only had to spend $700-$800 at Nordstrom Rack, she says. Of that, she returned what still had tags on it when she was done with the show. 

    Other contestants weren't so lucky. The ones without her connections spent "at least a couple thousand, easily. You need a pretty extensive wardrobe," she said.

    In previous seasons, some claim to have spent between $8,000 and a whopping $40,000. One contestant mortgaged her house to appear on the show.

  • They had to bring their own beauty products, too. 

    While the show provided "little things" like “face wash, face wipes, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner" Bekah says, they had to get everything else on their own. "I ran out of eyelashes, for instance," she said, "producers would let us use their phones to order stuff on Amazon and have it shipped to our next location. A lot of girls did that."

  • Bekah says it's worth it, even though they don't get paid.

    While the featured star gets paid about $100,000 to be on the show, the contestants aren't paid to be there. She says that the exposure she got from the show, however, makes it all "100 percent worth it." Kind of funny considering that she didn't even want Arie to be the Bachelor and that she felt Arie wasn't ready to get married (although she kind of had a point when Arie dumped Becca Kufrin). 

    "It gets you a lot of exposure, and it's no secret that a lot of the women are able to support themselves after the show through social media advertising," she admitted. "I'm very lucky that I've had a lot of different opportunities come my way, through appearances and sponsored social media posts. And The Bachelor was really just a wonderful experience overall, so I'd certainly do it all over again."

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