Farrah Abraham's Mom Is Worried About Sophia Talking to Adult Men on the Internet

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

Uh-oh. It looks like Farrah Abraham has made yet another shady parenting decision. Her mom, Debra Danielsen, revealed to In Touch magazine that the former Teen Mom OG star is giving 9-year-old Sophia too much freedom on social media.

  • Even though Instagram's terms of service state that all users must be at least 13 years old, Sophia has been active on the platform for a while.

    What else would someone expect from a child who joined Snapchat at 7? Anyway, plenty of people comment on Sophia's page, and tag her in other comments, including grown men. Considering that Soph actively uses Instagram Live, there's a good chance she's even interacting with strangers on the Internet, and Deb is concerned for her granddaughter. 

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  • Farrah's mom said that she's upset that Sophia is involved in conversations that aren't "age appropriate."

    She explained, "I am getting an overwhelming amount of information from people on social media about Instagram and Twitter accounts where adult men are making inappropriate remarks to Sophia. I am getting a lot of that, like screenshots and people saying, 'Oh my God. Why are people saying this? This is a nine-year-old.'" 

    Deb admitted that she remains "quite estranged" from Farrah, but that it's still "hurtful to see my Sophia around some influences that I don't particularly feel are age appropriate." She added, "Why in the heck are people -- and grown men -- making ANY kind of inappropriate comment to my granddaughter on social media?"

  • This is hardly the first time Farrah has been under fire for not being age-appropriate with her daughter.

    From waxing her eyebrows as a toddler to letting her wear whatever makeup she wants in elementary school to doing what some people have called sexy photo shoots, Farrah DGAF about what others say about her parenting. 

    Why Deb, or anyone really, is shocked that Farrah is giving Sophia free rein on social media is beyond us. Is it a good idea? Probably not. Is Farrah going to do whatever she wants when it comes to parenting Sophia? Absolutely. 

  • Despite her criticism and concern, Deb still called Farrah a good mom. 

    She explained, "Farrah's a very positive role model for Sophia because she's hard-working. She does things and tries to do them to kind of a new level. She puts a very cool spin on what it is to be in pop culture. She's very good at getting the word out, having charisma, and expressing her emotions. She doesn't stop -- if someone doesn't think she can do something, she goes and does that."

    We can't argue with Farrah's tenacity, that's for sure.