Maci Bookout Totally Shut Down Dr. Drew at the 'Teen Mom OG' Reunion

Maci Bookout

After this season of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout has made it more than clear that she's not happy with ex Ryan Edwards's recent life choices. And on Monday night's reunion, she wasn't letting anyone else give him excuses either. Maci shut down Dr. Drew -- as well as Ryan and his family -- and we have to admit that she made a good point.

  • When it was Maci's turn in the hot seat, she didn't mince her words, saying Ryan mainly avoids having to answer for himself.

    In fact, she actually pointed out something we've been noticing a lot this season -- Ryan's family (and wife, Mackenzie Standifer) tend to respond for him when he's asked a question, especially during this reunion. Maci said, "I don't think he wants to be put in a situation where he has to answer for himself. I think a lot of people around him answer questions for him."

    Remember how last week, Mackenzie kept correcting Ryan's answers when he was talking to Dr. Drew? That's not what he needs if he's ever going to be held responsible for his actions.

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  • Maci wasn't the only one who got rowdy, either -- Mackenzie had a snappy moment all on her own.

    Mackenzie Standifer

    It's hard to know what this girl is thinking, since she and Ryan are obviously going through so much right now, but one thing's for sure -- she's not here for Dr. Drew taking Maci's side. She even told him that he basically doesn't have any idea what Ryan's real life is like. The only catch is that most of us at least have some idea (Dr. Drew included), thanks to Teen Mom OG and the reports that have been rolling out about him over the last few weeks. 

  • We've been rooting for Ryan's recovery so hard, but after watching the reunion, we're not sure what's going to happen next.

    Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer

    Ryan and Mackenzie are very obviously in a difficult place in their marriage, and there's no way Maci is backing down when it comes to requiring clean drug tests from Ryan if he wants to see their son, Bentley. Then, add in the fact that there's a new baby on the way for Ryan and Mackenzie, and it's basically a disaster. Is it just us, or is next season going to potentially be the most dramatic ever?

  • Let's just hope they get this sorted out -- even though that conversation with Dr. Drew was a total bust.

    Maci, Ryan, and Mackenzie

    In the end, Bentley is put in the middle of this, and he is the one that everyone needs to be concerned about the most.