Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Fight Over Her Pregnancy on 'Teen Mom OG'


Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer

Now that we know Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are expecting their first child together, the heat is on. And on Monday night's season finale of Teen Mom OG, it became more obvious than ever that these two have a lot of work to do before their baby arrives. 

  • Ryan and Mackenzie went to the doctor, and got to hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time.

    Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer

    We weren't surprised that Mack was really excited about the whole thing ... but we were surprised at Ryan's reaction. Could he at least try to act like he wants this baby? And then to see them bickering in the car on the way home and then seemingly not speaking to each other toward the end of the episode? Let's just say this doesn't bode well for their future together. 

    And then to hear Maci say that she thinks this is a really bad idea? Well, let's just say that we understand where she's coming from after seeing all of this play out.

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  • Meanwhile, Amber are Gary are having custody arguments again.

    Amber and Andrew are gearing up to welcome their baby and for Andrew to start a new job, which means they'll be spending some of their time in LA ... and that means there are going to be even more fights down the pipeline when it comes with sharing Leah with Gary. But for now? Well, it's pretty typical that Leah would be more interested in hanging with her friends than spending time with her mom, but can we really blame Gary for not wanting to give up even more time with his daughter? 

  • Then, there's poor Catelynn. Was it just us, or did you want to give her a hug too?

    Of course, we already know that Catelynn returned to rehab, but seeing it play out on the show is rough. We're proud of her for taking care of herself, but we have to feel for Tyler and Nova, too -- they obviously miss her, and poor Tyler clearly thinks he's at least in some way responsible for how Cate feels. We just hope he realizes by now that this is not his fault! 

  • We really wish that this wasn't the finale, because now, we have so many questions.

    What happens with all the Maci/Mackenzie/Ryan drama, especially now that we know he's been arrested? Will Cate's second round in treatment help? Will Leah realize hanging out with her mom is actually pretty fun? 

    Guess we'll just have to hang in there until next season. Hurry up, MTV!