Maci Bookout's Cryptic Tweet After Ryan Edwards's Arrest Leaves Fans Puzzled

Maci Bookout

Well, it's not like we saw Teen Mom OG exes Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards getting along anytime soon, but the crazy week he's had is probably going to seal him being in her bad graces for the time being -- especially according to something she shared online recently. Maci retweeted a cryptic message last week, and it seems to relate directly to what's going on with Ryan.

  • Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you already know that the drama has been REAL.

    Just as soon as Ryan and wife Mackenzie Standifer announced they were expecting their first child together, he was arrested on a charge related to heroin possession, and it sounds like Mackenzie has left the state for the time being. (Not to mention those Tinder cheating rumors swirling around Ryan.) It's hard to say what their future holds, but it seems like everything that's happened so far has taken a toll on Maci too.

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  • Maci retweeted this tweet, which her mom originally shared:

    Ain't that the truth! It seems like when it comes to Ryan, the hits just keep on coming -- not just over the last few days, but the last year in general, when you consider his two weddings and stay in rehab. Even though Maci and Ryan aren't together anymore, he and his family are still a huge part of her life, especially since there's been so much back and forth about their son Bentley and when Ryan can see him. Obviously, this stuff concerns her too.

  • And the tweet makes even more sense when you consider the fact that Maci filed a protection order against Ryan.

    According to People, Maci filed the order to cover her, her children (including Bentley), and husband Taylor McKinney, and Taylor filed an order on his own. The judge is supposed to hear them out on Monday, so it won't be long until we find out if they were granted or not -- and it really has us curious about what might have happened to push Maci and Taylor toward taking that measure.

  • Hopefully exactly what's going on will come to light soon enough.

    We don't like thinking that this family could be in danger -- and we don't want to wait to find out the details on the next season of Teen Mom OG. Maci, fill us in, please!