Mackenzie Standifer May Have Just Left Ryan Edwards

Mackenzie Standifer

It's been a wild week for Teen Mom OG's Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards, and so far, the drama isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Apparently, Mackenzie has left town without Ryan, which definitely makes us wonder if she's decided she's had enough.

  • According to Radar Online, Mackenzie got on a plane over the weekend and headed to New York.

    The site's insider didn't share any details, like why Mackenzie was going there or how long she'd been gone, but it definitely doesn't seem great for their marriage if she's up and leaving when Ryan was just arrested and when they announced their pregnancy last week. There were also those Tinder cheating rumors as well.

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  • What makes this even more concerning, though, is the fact that she also left her son, Hudson, behind.

    The source said, "She left her son during her scheduled time. Her scheduled times are Friday evening through Tuesday mornings."

    Being that Mack is always talking about Hudson being the love of her life, we're a little shocked that she'd up and leave when she's supposed to be spending time with him -- does that mean that this is just the first step in her leaving Ryan for good?

  • It seems like this is just another chapter in a story that seems to be going downhill FAST.

    Seeing Ryan on Teen Mom OG last season was a bit of a wake-up call for all of us -- who knew that his drug issues were so bad he could fall asleep at the wheel on the way to his own wedding? But now, it seems like things are quickly spiraling out of control. And since Mackenzie has faithfully stood by him through all of it, including his rehab stay, it seems like something must have been the last straw for her recently. 

  • And since Mackenzie is staying silent for now, it's hard to say exactly where her head is at.

    For the past two weeks, Mackenzie's Instagram has been untouched, so all we have to go by are reports from sites like Radar. We just hope that she fills us in on what's going on soon. Are she and Ryan actually going their separate ways? We're dying to find out.