Ryan Edwards Has Reportedly Been Caught on Tinder Again

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards

Where the Edwards family is concerned, it seems like the hits just keep on coming. Apparently Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards is back on Tinder again -- just days after news broke that he and wife Mackenzie Standifer are pregnant. Oh, and the same week as Ryan's arrest. How can we possibly keep up?

  • If you remember correctly, last year, Ryan was busted for using Tinder, but it seemed like everything had been smoothed over between him and Mack.

    Now, the rumors are back with a vengeance. According to The Grace Report on YouTube, a Tinder user discovered Ryan while she was swiping, and everything basically unraveled from there. 

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  • According to Grace, one of her Twitter followers DM'ed her to let her know what was up -- that she matched with Ryan on the app.

    This happened last week, and the follower said that Ryan asked her to "hit him up" and passed along his number. It came with a Chattanooga area code, and while texting him, he said he wanted to meet up over the weekend. He also told her that he was a diesel mechanic. Hmm ... sounds like all isn't well in Ryan and Mackenzie land. 

  • Grace also supplied a screenshot of Ryan's Tinder profile in the video:

    Ryan Edwards's Tinder profile
    The Grace Report/YouTube

    Yep, that's him alright, even though we all know he isn't really 25. 

  • Grace also tweeted that she'd called Ryan himself, and confirmed that the number he gave out on Tinder belongs to him.

    All of this evidence adding up is pretty damning, and we can't help but feel for Mackenzie Standifer. She's had to deal with a lot in the past year, between Ryan's rehab stay, his recent arrest, and now, her pregnancy -- and let's not forget she's a mom to a very active tot. And now this?! 

  • It's hard to say what this will mean for this couple in the future, especially since Mackenzie has yet to comment herself.

    Whatever's going on, we hope the MTV cameras are catching all of it. This whole messy situation has the potential to bring the most drama we've seen on this show in years.