Mackenzie Standifer Gives Fans the First Update on Her Pregnancy

Mackenzie Standifer

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards are having quite a week. Not only did Ryan and Mackenzie announce that they're expecting, but Ryan was also reportedly arrested on drug-related charges. But before that happened, Mackenzie spoke out about her pregnancy for the first time, and it sounds like these two are pretty excited to add a new member to their family.

  • Mackenzie, who said she's due in October, said that Ryan is "so excited" for their new baby, although morning sickness has been ROUGH.

    "I've just been so sick with this baby," Mackenzie told E! News. "I was throwing up all the time up until two weeks ago. Then I was feeling great and now I'm sick again. With Hudson I had energy, I was never sick, I never threw up. But now, I get the slightest smell in my nose and I just throw up everywhere."

    That sounds miserable! Poor Mackenzie. 

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  • She also added that she and Ryan were just trying casually for baby number three, and then it happened.

    And don't worry -- every bit of this pregnancy will be on Teen Mom OG, because Mackenzie also added that they've been filming all of her doctors' appointment so far. However, she also took the opportunity to say that she doesn't think Maci Bookout is too thrilled that she and Ryan are expecting, because she hasn't congratulated them yet. 

    "I don't think she's very happy about it," she said. "I feel like anybody that's happy about it would just reach out and say, 'Congrats!' You know, kind of put everything aside and just be like 'congrats.'"

  • And when it comes to Ryan, well, knowing what we know now, what Mackenzie had to say on the topic is a bit awkward.

    "He's in a really good place," she said. "He's sober. I'm really proud of him."

    Now that we know that's not the truth, we just hope that Ryan will be able to turn it all around. 

  • Fingers crossed that Ryan will be in better shape by the time their little one arrives later this year.

    He and Mackenzie should be able to enjoy this pregnancy and their new little one without anything holding them back. Hopefully it'll be the motivation Ryan needs to get his life together. We know he can do it!