The 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion Snubbed 2 Cast Members

Cast of Dawson's Creek
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It finally happened! The Dawson's Creek cast got together for a photo shoot to commemorate 20 years since the series premiered (yes, we're that old!), and it's pretty damn magical and feels-worthy and amazing ... except for one thing: Two (important) characters are missing from the celebration, which raises so many questions.

  • Dawson, Pacey, Joey, and Jen are back, gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly in honor of the teen drama.

    Dawson's Creek aired in January 1998 and blessed the world with so many heartthrobs.

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  • The reunion also included Jack, Andy, Audrey, and Grams -- and we can't take it!

    The feels, all of the feels!

    PS - Kerr Smith (Jack McPhee) is out here looking like a silver-haired snack! Add him to the list of Hollywood hotties ASAP.

  • Seeing the cast together talking about the show makes us feel old AF, but brings back so many memories.

    The lockerside discussions about being #TeamDawson or #TeamPacey. The free SAT prep Dawson's Creek blessed us with, thanks to the characters' lexicon that made conversations about the perplexities of adolescence and life's ambiguities irrevocably mind-shattering. The tears shed for Jen having a random disease and passing away -- leaving her baby girl to Jack -- during the series finale. 

    So. Many. Memories.

  • Dawson's Creek will forever be our safe place to dream about best friends climbing up a ladder into our rooms and rowing home across the creek.

    Katie Holmes has and will always look amazing.

  • But as amazing as this reunion is, there are two key people missing from the celebration ... and we want answers.

    Dawson's Creek is hands down one of the best teen shows from the '90s/'00s. You can't leave anyone out -- especially not these two!

  • Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp, who played Dawson's parents, were left out of the photo shoot.

    While Gail and Mitch Leery aren't a part of the shoot, they did chime in about Dawson's Creek and the show's success. "I was actually with James [Van Der Beek] when he signed his first autograph," Humes told Entertainment Weekly

    "My husband and I had taken James up to Universal City in LA to watch a movie. This girl came up to James and said, 'Excuse me, aren't you that guy on Dawson's Creek? May I have your autograph?' He signed it and said, 'Oh my God, Mary-Margaret, that was my first!' And, of course, my thought was 'Oh, honey, hang on.'"

  • Fans noticed their absence and want to know why they didn't score an invite to the reunion.

    Granted, Mary-Margaret and John are no Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson, but they still had a big presence on the show and taught us a lot about relationships -- like forgiveness, and good sex on the kitchen table, coffee table, and wherever else you feel like it. 

    They also had an impact on many of the characters, like Mitch loving Pacey like a son when his own dad struggled to, and Gail taking in Jen after Grams kicked her out. Even Dawson spent a lot of time at home during college after his father's unexpected death (spoiler alert ... and *tear*) -- with Mrs. L marrying some random-ass dude at the end of the series. So yeah, they had relevance throughout the show. Hell, their names were in the opening credits, so you know they were important (LOL).

  • It seems Entertainment Weekly snubbed them, which makes you wonder why.

  • They constantly share throwback photos on social media and still talk about their love of the show.

    Mary-Margaret Humes recently spoke to Us Weekly about the series and her ideas for a Dawson's Creek reboot. "Everybody talks about, 'Oh is there gonna be a reunion? Is there gonna be a convention? Is there a way to bring everybody back together again?'" the actress told the outlet. "Some say too many people are dead and yada, yada, yada. But in my mind, I have this thought that there's a way to suspend your disbelief where everyone can get the happily ever after. I'm just putting it out there into the universe because I'm harboring a little secret idea and we'll see what happens!"

  • And they bless us with behind-the-scenes cast pics ...

    (Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes need to date and get it over with. Make 2018 the year Joey and Pacey become a real thing.)

  • ... *really* interesting behind-the-scenes pics.

    Okay, Mrs. Leery!

  • Guess there's always next time ...

    We still love you, Mitch and Gail.

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