Maci Bookout's Husband Goes After Ryan Edwards for Being 'Jobless'

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

He's got her back! Maci Bookout's husband jumped in on Twitter on Monday night, and it's apparent there's no love lost between him and Ryan Edwards. Taylor McKinney normally stays out of the fray when it comes to Teen Mom drama, but we love that he said something this time. 

  • During Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, a fan tweeted about Ryan's wife Mackenzie Standifer's contemplation over Maci and Ryan's relationship.

    The fan tweeted, "Lol at Mackenzie wondering if Maci has moved on from the past and claiming Ryan left her. You and Ryan are the ones constantly bringing up ancient history, and clearly aren't over S–T #TeenMomOG."

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  • That's when Taylor dived in and said what a lot of us have been thinking.

    None of his business indeed! Of course it kind of is, considering that he's a full-time step-father to Ryan's son Bentley, since Ry has never been bothered to get his act together enough to achieve joint custody. In fact, he's only been allowed supervised visitation for the majority of his life as a dad, due to his drug addiction

  • It sounds like Taylor was pretty sick of Ry's crap, and maybe even making commentary on his plans to have another baby.

    Ryan and Mackenzie opened up on the show this week about how they'd like to have a baby together. In addition to Ryan's son Bentley, Mackenzie also has a 3-year-old son, Hudson, from a previous relationship. 

  • Babies are always blessings, but it's pretty clear that Taylor has some opinions about Ryan and Mackenzie's plans to expand their family right now.

    We're pretty much #TeamTaylor on this one. Ryan has been recovering from heroin addiction since going to rehab last May, and while they do get paid for being on Teen Mom OG, they may want to consider getting real jobs before procreating. Just saying.