Farrah Abraham's Departure From 'Teen Mom OG' Brought All the Drama & Then Some


farrah abraham

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. On Monday night's episode, Farrah Abraham left Teen Mom OG, and now that we've had the chance to see the way things played out, and let's just say we're not surprised at how it all went down.

  • All season long, this moment has been hyped up, and now that it's finally here, our minds are pretty blown.

    From the moment producer Morgan J. Freeman showed up at Farrah's house, she was on the defensive -- and she was right to be, because she was in Big Trouble (yes, with those capital letters). As we already know, her time on Teen Mom OG was on the line because of her webcam show and the way she treated producers, but Farrah didn't seem to really get it.

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  • What we really weren't expecting -- rather than firing Farrah straight up, Morgan actually gave her a choice.

    farrah & morgan

    She could decide not to proceed with her career plans in the porn industry, or she could stay on MTV. Farrah obviously chose to leave the show instead. What was that she was yelling about having her own show on a different network? It'll be interesting to see if that ever happens.

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  • Ultimately, it doesn't seem like Farrah is too worried about her future, even though MTV won't be in it.

    We get why Farrah would feel like it's unfair that she could only choose one part of her career over the other, but we also understand why MTV has to protect their best interests too. Overall, it's a really bad situation, and as you probably noticed while watching that scene, Farrah really didn't take it well. 

  • We're honestly going to miss seeing Farrah and Sophia on the show so much.

    Don't get us wrong -- we're excited to reunite with Mackenzie McKee, but Farrah brought the drama like nobody else. At least there's still Instagram ... and Twitter ... and Snapchat. She might not be on Teen Mom OG anymore, but we have a feeling Farrah is not going anywhere for a long time.