Ryan Edwards Is Back in Rehab According to 'Teen Mom' Insider

Ryan Edwards

Ugh, is Ryan Edwards relapsing? The Teen Mom OG star is reportedly back in rehab after failing a recent drug test. He spent 30 days in a center getting clean early last summer, and we thought he was doing really well. He's even been spending more time with son Bentley, 9, after ex Maci Bookout made him take a test to prove that he wasn't using anymore. 

  • According to an insider on Reddit, Ry not only hasn't kicked his drug habit, but he also tried to cover it up with a fake urine sample.

    The source claimed, "Turns out [Ryan] failed a court-ordered drug test for meth and various types of pills last Friday morning (March 2) thus getting his visitation with Bentley denied. He actually tried to use synthetic urine to pass the drug test but got caught when he dropped and busted the urine on the floor. Saturday morning he checked himself into FOCUS Recovery, which is a rehab that MTV is footing the bill for."

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  • The source also claimed that Ryan's drug problems have caused wife Mackenzie to lose custody of her son Hudson.

    The Redditor wrote that Mack's ex-husband now has full custody of their son, and that she is only allowed supervised visitation under Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards. They shared, "It's really sad to see that [Mackenzie] as basically chosen her husband over her child ... So, the only positive things that may have came from this is sweet Hudson is finally safe with his daddy where he obviously needs to be... and maybe [Ryan] can get the help he so very much needs."

    Is it weird to anyone else that Mackenzie's visitation would be facilitated by her new husband's parents? We get why they supervised Ry's visitation with Bentley, seeing as he's their grandchild, but we can't imagine Mackenzie's ex being OK with that whole situation.
  • Of course, it turns out that this whole story may just be a lot of smoke.

    Mackenzie told Radar Online that the whole story is "not true at all." She said, "He's right here next to me. It's disgusting to say something that has absolutely no merit. If Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test he would be in jail." 

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  • She also said that Ry couldn't be in jail, because he was filming on the date in question.

    Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer

    The Teen Mom OG reunion filming was on March 3, when Ryan was supposedly checked into rehab. Seems like a pretty solid alibi, if you ask us. Mackenzie also reassured fans that nothing new has been filed in her custody case with her ex, and Hudson isn't living with his dad. 

    Ryan has definitely had difficulties on his path to getting clean, and it sucks that it seems as though people are making stuff up about him now. Kicking a hardcore drug addiction is hard -- he doesn't need people spreading rumors that he's relapsing.