Maci Bookout Is Taking It All Off for the Cameras

Maci Bookout Taylor McKinney

We never saw this news coming! This is really happening, guys -- Maci Bookout is getting naked for TV. But it's not because she's following in Farrah Abraham's footsteps -- it's because she's actually booked a gig on the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid

  • According to Radar Online, Maci is slated to appear on the show soon, and she's already filmed her episode.

    If you're not familiar with Naked and Afraid, the concept is basically this: A man and a woman meet in the wilderness and have to survive, totally nude. They have to find food, shelter, and yes, clothing, and find a way to get what they need without any connection to the outside world. Uh, yeah, this sounds way more stressful than any episode of Teen Mom that Maci would have filmed, so this definitely had to be an interesting experience for her.

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  • Although the experience typically spans 21 days, Radar reports that this celebrity edition took Maci away for just three.

    Apparently Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie watched Bentley while Maci was away -- a rare opportunity for Bentley to spend time with his dad, with the way things have been going in recent months.

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  • The Ashley's Reality Roundup also offered up more details about Maci's appearance on the show.

    "Maci spent a great deal of time training for the show before she left," according to an alleged insider.  "She got to bring a few extra 'personal' items than the typical contestant on the show, but other than that, she didn't get a lot of special treatment."

  • So far, Maci has yet to comment herself about "Naked and Afraid," and no airdate has been released yet.

    But you can trust us when we say that we're keeping our eyes peeled for more info. We're dying to see Maci's episode and see how she does in the wild! We have a feeling that this mom is going to kick some serious butt out there.