Becca Kufrin Named 'The Bachelorette' Minutes After Arie Proposed to Lauren


Becca Kufrin The Bachelorette

Duddddddde. We knew the "After the Final Rose" show was gonna be all sorts of dramatic and then some, given what went down on the finale of The Bachelor last night. But good grief -- did karma take over the floor tonight, or what? First of all, we already figured Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham were together, so his getting down on one knee and proposing to her on stage was kinda meh. But if it wasn't blah enough, like two minutes later, Becca Kufrin was officially announced as the new Bachelorette -- and now all is right with the world again.

  • Um, what just happened?!?

    Becca Kufrin the Bachelorette

    Given the backlash that ABC received for choosing to air Arie's breakup with Becca instead of keeping it off camera, we kind of expected them to do some kind of damage control. But going so far as to make Arie's proposal to Lauren an afterthought within minutes of it happening? Yeah. Well played, ABC. Well. Played.

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  • OK. So we'll get to the whole Arie and Lauren are engaged thing later, because there's way too much to say about that. Another post for another time.

    Arie Luyendyk Lauren Burnham

    Seriously, it seems almost as though ABC swept their engagement under the rug on purpose, and immediately shifted the spotlight back to Becca and her new journey for love that is about to begin. 

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    Speaking of that proposal -- who else thinks it seemed kind of ... staged? According to Reality Steve, Lauren and Arie got engaged in Dana Point, California, on February 25 -- so what the heck was up with tonight's "engagement"? Huh.

  • Oh, let's just forget about them for the time being and shift the focus back to Becca.

    Becca Kufrin Bachelortte

    In the history of all of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, has there ever been someone more deserving of being in the leading role?!? This woman is a CLASS ACT -- and I honestly don't think there is one single soul out there who can dispute that fact.

    Not only did she handle the breakup with Arie with poise and maturity -- she also found it in her heart to not only forgive him, but to wish him and Lauren all the happiness in the world. And according to her Bachelor castmates who were in the audience tonight, she has also even gone so far as to worry about Lauren in the midst of this whole ordeal, and sincerely hopes Arie has the right intentions with her. 

  • And from what we can tell ... he seems to? Although, even Chris Harrison doesn't seem confident at this point -- and he's the expert.

    Arie Luyendyk Lauren Burnham Chris Harrison
  • OK, back to Becca as the next Bachelorette.

    Becca Kufrin The Bachelorette

    How excited are we to watch her have her pick of 25-plus guys, one of whom just might be the REAL dude who will sweep her off her feet once and for all goes? 

    The May premiere of her season seriously cannot get her fast enough. Congrats, Becca -- we are 110 percent rooting for you!

    Let's just hope Arie doesn't change his mind yet again and wind up as a contestant on her season. (Stranger things have happened, people.)