15 Times Farrah Abraham Was Inappropriate With Sophia

CafeMom Contributors | Mar 9, 2018 TV
15 Times Farrah Abraham Was Inappropriate With Sophia

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Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham sure does catch a lot of heat for the things she does. Whether it's the decisions she makes, the words she says, the photos she posts -- all of it definitely get put under a microscope, and the Internet is always more than happy to share how it feels about what she does. And yes -- that involves her parenting. Some folks think there have been far too many instances in which she's been inappropriate with her kiddo.

There have been moments throughout Farrah's time in the spotlight in which people have accused her of being inappropriate with her little girl, Sophia. Whether or not she actually was inappropriate is up for debate, of course.

The important thing to remember is that Farrah is a mom and she's trying her best. Sometimes that means making mistakes along the way. And for Farrah, those mistakes happen to be made in the public eye -- which can be very unforgiving, of course.

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That said, take a look at all the moments in which Farrah was called out for her inappropriate parenting choices -- and let us know, were they all inappropriate? Was the backlash really deserved for all of these instances?

And let's take a moment to perhaps be a little kinder to a fellow mama, even if we disagree with some of her decisions. 

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