Arie Luyendyk Jr. May Have Been Pressured into Humiliating Becca

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Nine years ago, Jason Mesnick created an uproar in Bachelor Nation when he dumped Melissa Rycroft in favor of Molly Malaney, whom he had previously sent home as the runner-up. On Monday night, Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulled the same stunt, when he dumped fiancée Becca Kufrin in order to pursue Lauren Burnham.

  • After making a brief appearance on the Monday night's live show along with fellow Bachelor alum Ben Higgins, Jason took to Twitter to answer a multitude of questions from fans.

    Having been there and done that himself, you know he had a lot to say about how both Arie and the ABC producers handled the situation. Of course it's a reality show, but these are also real people, with real emotions involved. Jason and Molly really did get married and have a daughter together, in addition to his son from a previous relationship. It's real life -- it's just filmed and edited for ratings. 

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  • Which is why he really didn't like that ABC decided to film the brutal breakup.

    He added that "There is no way [Arie] wanted this to be filmed," and that it "was in no way his idea." He wrote that while Arie wasn't contractually obligated to have cameras there for the breakup, ABC likely was "very convincing" in getting him to agree to it. He explained, "They can't actually force you to, but it's 100 people-1 (bachelor production team to Bachelor)."

    He also shared that one of his biggest regrets from going on the show was how they filmed the After the Final Rose with him, Melissa, and Molly. He said, "They asked me to film it that way but I wish I would not have agreed..." Apparently Arie feels the same way about how it ended up being filmed. Jason admitted that the star regretted having the cameras on, and said, "I chatted with him and it just sucks."

  • Jason also has a theory as to why Arie proposed to Becca when he was still in love with Lauren.

    While admitting that he can't for sure answer a question about Arie's thought process, he did allude to the extreme pressure the guys on the show are under to propose. A fan asked if the network pressures the men into popping the question, the dad or two responded in capital letters. He wrote, "One word... YES."

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    He also added that being on the show is "a strange position to be in," and that he really does believe that Arie is "sincere" in following his heart.

  • Having just celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with Molly, Jason was asked if he had advice for Arie and Lauren on dealing with the fallout, assuming she takes him back.

    Social media of course existed in 2009, but it was in no way as prevalent as it is today. Jason's advice seems solid here -- if Arie and Lauren are going to have a chance at making it for the long haul, they need to focus on their relationship, and not what everyone else is saying about it.