Farrah Abraham's Ex Has Some Choice Words About Her New Boyfriend


farrah & simon

Now that the drama of Farrah Abraham being fired from Teen Mom OG has settled down, everyone is buzzing about her new relationship with Aden Stay -- including her ex Simon Saran. While talking to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Simon shared his thoughts on Farrah's new BF, and they're exactly what you'd think he would come out with. Come on, you didn't really think Simon wouldn't have a few comments to make about Farrah's new guy, did you? 

  • It probably won't surprise you that Simon didn't really have anything nice to say on the subject.

    "Good for her,” he said. “She needs an older man in her life. Plus she needs the financial support from him. Guys like that are more willing to give." 

    Whoa, Simon. Does Farrah really need the financial support, considering how much she seems to be making with all her different business ventures? And even if she did, that's not the nicest thing to say about someone he probably doesn't know.

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  • Simon also added, "I wish them the best," which is nice ... we guess.

  • We're pretty curious about Farrah's new relationship, so we're a little bummed that Simon didn't have any dirt to share.

    Maybe that's coming later, since if Simon has any insider info about anything at all, he tends to share it. But in the meantime, we have so many questions about Farrah and 40-year-old Aden. And we can't even rely on Teen Mom OG to give us an update next season! 

  • If you need us, we'll be here, waiting for Farrah to share more info on Instagram or Twitter.

    What is happening?! We need to know.