Are Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Engaged? Here's the Scoop



Mannnnnn. After years of Chris Harrison telling us that the ending of The Bachelor was going to be "the most dramatic ever," last night the show truly delivered. I mean ... WOW. Watching Arie Luyendyk Jr. break off his engagement to Becca -- with two cameras rolling -- was so tough to witness, especially when she removed the stunning oval Neil Lane diamond ring from her finger. And of course, now we want to know whether he got what he wanted in the end, as far as whether Lauren Burnham took him back.

  • As of now, all signs point to a big fat Y-E-S.


    We'll find out the whole story on what happened with Lauren and Arie tonight, but if the spoilers are correct, Arie flew to Virginia and showed up at Lauren's mom's house (cameras in tow, of course), where he "begged" her to take him back. 

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    Duh, of course she gave him another chance. Should we really be all that surprised? Given how in love with him she was? And if Reality Steve has correctly predicted what happened after the fact, things heated back up between them fairly quickly after Arie cut Becca loose.

    Supposedly on February 25, Arie proposed to Lauren at the Monarch Bay resort in Dana Point, California, which coincidentally is where Jade and Tanner Tolbert got married. Reality Steve did confirm that there was a camera crew there, and Arie and Lauren were there, and he was also informed that a proposal was going down.

  • Lauren shared this photo on Instagram a week ago, which seems to indicate that she and Arie are very much an item.

    She captioned it with, "Thanks for letting me Lima on you. I can't believe we tuk-tuk our love to Peru."

    Yeah. That's about as couple-y as it gets. 

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  • And then there's this bit, which Lauren shared a few days ago.

    Shakin’ off the haters 📷: @jontaylorphoto

    A post shared by Lauren Burnham 🌹 (@laureneburnham) on

    "Shakin' off the haters ..."?!? Clearly she's referring to the people who read the spoilers of the outcome of the show, and are none too pleased with her and Arie. It sounds like Lauren knows she is going to receive a lot of backlash for taking Arie back after he changed his mind, but all signs point to her standing by her man, who might even be her fiancé by now.

  • But if they are engaged, how will ABC handle the whole deal?

    Will they wind up having a big, TV wedding, so that all of us at home can join in on the festivities? Will fans be too upset with them to even tune in? Or will they even last long enough to make it down the aisle? 

    So many questions. But lucky for us, at least some of them will be answered in just a few short hours.