'Bachelor' Finale: Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s HUGE Mistake Was Honestly Not His Fault


Well? Guess that's that. Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s dramatic season of The Bachelor has finally come to an end, albeit a pretty messed-up end. Just days before the finale aired, the news leaked that Arie had gotten engaged to one woman at the final rose ceremony, only to dump her a couple months later so that he could go back to the runner-up instead. And even though the spoilers indicated that Becca was the one who ultimately wound up kicked to the curb, it was still heartbreaking to watch it all unfold. 

  • Damn. Now that we've seen how things play out, who else thinks Becca was doomed from the start of this final date?


    Um, yeah. So Arie wasn't shy about telling her he loves her over and over again. But I swear to God, if his freakin' family had mentioned Lauren's name one more time to her when they met her, I was going to throw my shoe at the TV. But then OMG -- after they had met both women, his whole family told him that Becca was the better choice for him. Huh?!?

    Wait. Conspiracy theory alert -- what if the whole reason Arie changed his mind about marrying Becca is because he truly did want to be with Lauren, but didn't want to disappoint his parents?  Stranger things have happened, people. And even though people are pissed at Arie for changing his mind, it does kind of make sense after watching how the family reacted.

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  • Of course, Arie's connection with Lauren was undeniable throughout the season.


    Think about it for a second. This whole season, every time Arie was with Lauren, he had heart eyes for days. And then you throw in the whole bit about Arie's family being all gaga over her, and Arie fully admitting that he likes "holding her hand and making her feel safe" (barf) -- and you pretty much have a recipe for his proposing to Becca, going home, thinking about the whole situation and his future without his parents breathing down his neck -- and BOOM!

    Time to go ahead and pull a Mesnick, if you will. OMGGGGG. He was SO obviously head-over-heels for Lauren. If his family had told him she was the one, he probably would've avoided this whole mess. Period. So let's blame mommy and daddy. Or let's not -- given that this dude is 36 years old and needs to be able to pick a wife without any assistance. (Kinda harsh, I know. But still.)

    Hell, he even flat-out said that he was confident with Becca being the one at the beginning of his final date with Lauren. But then by the end of that date, it was PLAIN AS DAY that these two have a connection that is natural, mutual, and not at all forced. So that explains it. As soon as Arie's parents made their choice, he made his. (Unfortunately it was the wrong one for him.)

  • Of course, his proposal to Becca seemed heartfelt and sincere (though slightly lackluster) -- but let's go ahead and fast-forward to him pulling the old switcheroo.


    OMG OMG OMG -- did he really HAVE to bring a camera crew along with him to tell her it was over? It's not like she was some chick he met at a bar and suddenly decided he didn't want to date her. This was his FIANCÉE, for crying out loud. Yeah, yeah, so they met on a reality TV show. The show was O-V-E-R at this point, so it really sucks that he couldn't have had the decency to break up with her privately, off-camera. (Duh, ABC totally influenced that stupid decision, because ratings.)

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    And then how about when he refused to leave? Um, DUDE. You just told the girl you promised to "choose every day" that you'd rather have the chick you dumped her for. No offense, but get the f*** out already. 

  • As for him and Lauren?


    Given how heartbroken she was when he rejected her in Peru, we really shouldn't be all that surprised that he didn't have to beg all that hard for her to give him another chance. Even driving away from the final rose ceremony, she seemed to understand that Arie was uncertain about his choice until the last minute, so we almost have to wonder if she held out hope all along that he'd realized he should have proposed to her instead. 

    And now they're reportedly together -- and possibly engaged. Everything came full circle. Or something. But ... poor Becca! How can anyone not feel terrible for her? Maybe, just maybe ABC will make her the next Bachelorette, so at least she can have a turn in the driver's seat -- hopefully with a much more positive outcome.

  • Back to Arie and Lauren. Happily ever after, huh?

    Maybe? Possibly? Guess we'll find out tomorrow night, when the two of them finally confront Becca together. Or, we could alway just wait a couple of months until the dust settles, and then reassess the situation. Stay tuned.