Jenelle Evans Is Supposedly Pulling Ensley From 'Teen Mom 2'

jenelle and ensley

So much has been up in the air since we found out that David Eason had been fired from Teen Mom 2, but it looks like we finally have answers about what we can expect from Jenelle Evans's family in future seasons. Apparently Jenelle is pulling Ensley from Teen Mom 2, so it doesn't seem like we'll get to see this adorable baby on film anymore.

  • Jenelle broke the news on Twitter, where she made the announcement on Sunday.

    So it seems like we'll still get to see Ensley in the upcoming season that was already filmed, but in the future? No dice. It's a bummer, but we can't say we're shocked -- after David's firing, we had a feeling more changes would be in store for this family where MTV is concerned. 

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  • So far, Jenelle hasn't mentioned whether or not the same goes for Kaiser and Jace. Will they be off the show too?

    It seems hard for a mom to appear on a show about motherhood without her children, yes? And if Jenelle's kids and husband aren't filming, what are we going to be watching, exactly? The rare moment when Jenelle is out and about without any of them? We're so confused.

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  • Guess we'll just have to wait and see how things pan out, and there's a long time between now and seasons of Teen Mom 2 in the future.

    Things could change. Jenelle could decide to let Ensley back on the show. But fortunately, this does seem to confirm that Jenelle isn't going anywhere for a while. If she was planning to make her exit now that David's been fired -- as some fans have been speculating over the past couple of weeks -- she wouldn't be making plans for Ensley's future on the show at all. 

  • In the meantime, we'll do what Jenelle says and keep up with her adorable kiddos on Instagram.

    It's been so much fun watching all three of them grow up.