Who Will the New 'Bachelorette' Be? Here Are the Top Contenders

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With the Bachelor season finale just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what's next -- The Bachelorette. In just a couple of weeks, the show will start filming, which means it's time to start putting in our guesses about who the lucky lady might be. And since it's more than likely that she'll be one of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s contestants, we have an idea of who could be in the running.


  • Becca


    The most likely option is Becca, considering what happens to her during the season finale. Since Reality Steve pointed out that Arie is going to propose to her and then change his mind down the road, what better fresh start for her than to be the Bachelorette? There's no way fans won't be ready to root for her all season long -- and she deserves a second chance at happily ever after, especially if this breakup is as brutal as spoilers are making it out to be.

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  • Tia


    Tia made it pretty far on The Bachelor, and not only was she shocked when Arie sent her packing, but so were fans. It seems like she could be a good choice, given how friendly and open she seems, and she also seems ready for love. Plus, it could be like the Raven Bachelorette season we sadly never got. 

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  • Sienne


    Sienne was the level-headed, intelligent contestant that almost seemed too good for The Bachelor, so maybe if she was in the driver's seat, we'd really get to see her shine? We have a feeling Chris Harrison called her up to the hot seat on Women Tell All to gauge fans' interest in a season starring her, and people are definitely into it.

  • Kendall


    The third runner up is usually a good place to be if you have dreams of being the Bachelorette, so Kendall might be a possibility. She seemed like she was finally ready to be in love when Arie eliminated her, so maybe now she's even more prepared to find the one? Plus, she's seriously entertaining. Don't lie -- you're dying to see more of that weird taxidermy stuff, aren't you? 

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  • Whoever it is, we will supposedly find out after the "After The Final Rose" show airs next week -- likely on Tuesday morning.

    bachelor contestants

    And being that we're dying of curiosity, we can't wait for the news. If any of these women gets picked, it's guaranteed to be an awesome season.