David Eason's Ex Actually Has Pretty Good Reasons for Not Letting Him See Their Son

jenelle and david eason

Recently, Jenelle Evans's husband, David Eason, has been catching a lot of heat for numerous reasons. Not only has he been fired from Teen Mom 2, but it also looks like his poor choices are getting in the way of his seeing his son, Kaden, whom he shares with his ex Olivia Leedham.

  • David and Olivia battled in court over a custody agreement for some time, but late last year, David began posting photos with his son for the first time (although they have since been removed).

    Although the two looked overjoyed to be reunited, it seems like there are some details we were unaware of. 

    According to documents obtained by Radar Online, David went years without any contact with Kaden, and when he was allowed visitation, he "ignored the rules set up by the court." 

    As reported by Radar, Olivia got full custody of Kaden in 2014, and David was "denied any contact with the child." And apparently, although he was released from prison in 2015, he didn't try to see his son until 2016 when he got involved with Jenelle. 

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  • The main reason that Olivia is keeping Kaden from seeing David has to do with his lack of judgment when it comes to social media.

    David was reportedly supposed to get permission from Olivia if he wanted to post photos of Kaden on social media or have him appear on TV. According to the court documents, he posted photos without permission, and then refused to remove them when Olivia asked him to. 

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  • We know that David was fired by MTV because of his horrendous homophobic statements made on Twitter. Well, Olivia is also concerned about how that will affect their son.

    The documents that explain Olivia's argument state: 

    "Plaintiff does not share Defendant’s views and she is concerned about the effect that being associated with these views may affect Kaden in the future. The Defendant is making poor decisions that are adverse to his own best interest and Plaintiff has concerns about his ability to make decisions in the minor child’s best interest. The defendant does not appear to understand his behavior will adversely affect Kaden and his reputation for his entire life."
  • After all of that, we can't say we blame Olivia! Of course, we want what's best for Kaden and all of the kids, so hopefully David can get his act together.

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