Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Dramatic 'Bachelor' Ending: New Details of What Went Down Are Pretty Heartbreaking


In what has turned out to be the worst-kept secret in reality TV, multiple outlets have spilled the beans as far as the epic twist that will go down on the finale of The Bachelor. It's now all over the Internet that [SPOILER ALERT] Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped his final pick so that he could pursue the runner-up he left behind. But thanks to Us Weekly, we have new details on how Arie's breakup went down, and let's just say we're beyond heartbroken for the woman he called it quits with. 


  • According to Reality Steve, Arie puts a ring on Becca's finger in Peru.


    And then apparently after the fact, he realized he'd changed his mind and wanted to be with Lauren instead. But get this one -- a source told Us Weekly that Arie showed up at his fiancée's (Becca's) house with a camera crew, and blindsided her by breaking things off. The insider said, "Arie didn't handle the situation well. He wasn't very sympathetic or even nice."

    Um, whaaaaa? 

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  • After ending things with Becca, Arie and the cameras then headed down to Virginia to visit Lauren.


    Supposedly he then "begged her (Lauren) to take him back," which we now assume she did, given all of the spoilers out there saying that they are dating and in love and living happily ever after, or whatever.

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  • Supposedly we'll get to watch the whole thing play out on the "After the Final Rose" special.

    Arie, Becca, and Lauren also reportedly all sat down for one-on-one interviews with Chris Harrison, so we'll be hearing each of their versions of how, when, and why Arie ultimately pulled a Mesnick.

  • Man. Poor Becca!

    As if getting unexpectedly kicked to the curb by the man you thought you were going to marry isn't heartbreaking enough, she has the pleasure of watching him run back to his ex on national television, AND she has to relive what happened in front of millions of viewers by speaking to Chris Harrison about it.

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    Becca for Bachelorette, anyone? (Duh. She's a shoo-in.)

  • As for Lauren? She hasn't been shy about sharing loved-up photos with Arie on Instagram.

    She's probably going to take quite a bit of heat for not only taking Arie back, but for being the reason Becca wound up alone and humiliated, so she must really be head-over-heels in love with Arie to subject herself to the criticism.

  • Her latest post kind of says it all.

    Shakin’ off the haters 📷: @jontaylorphoto

    A post shared by Lauren Burnham 🌹 (@laureneburnham) on

    Boom. How's that saying go? Haters gonna hate?

    It looks like Lauren isn't about to let anything stand in the way of her happy ending with her Prince Charming. 

    (Even him initially proposing to another chick like a couple days after spending the night with her in the fantasy suite. And taking a couple months after that to realize he'd made the wrong choice. Just sayin' ...)