Arie Luyendyk Jr. Is Prepared for Major Backlash After the 'Bachelor' Finale


arie and chris harrison

This season of The Bachelor is finally winding down, and it sounds like we are in for -- in Chris Harrison's words -- the most dramatic moment in Bachelor history when the finale airs next week. In fact, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is already expecting backlash after the finale, and he's ready for it.

  • In an interview with People magazine, Arie opened up about what fans can expect come next Monday, and it's not going to be good.

    "I know people are going to be hard on [me]," Arie told the mag. "I made a mistake. And I'm prepared for the backlash. But all I can say is I had to follow my heart."

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  • He also added that he's prepared to defend and explain the choice in his final pick when the time comes.

    arie & lauren

    That's going to be interesting for sure. He said in the interview that his final two, Becca and Lauren, are both "very different," and we'd definitely agree. Becca is bubbly and talkative, while Lauren seems to be more reserved and serious. And on this week's episode, he said he loved them both.

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  • "My decision might not be the most popular, but for me it's so worth it," he added.

    As long as it was worth it --  that's what's most important. After all, Arie is supposed to be finding the woman he's going to spend the rest of his life with, right? So this is a decision he needs to make carefully -- and he doesn't necessarily need to worry about what fans think when it's about something that significant.

  • If you've been watching spoilers, you already know that the you-know-what is mere days from hitting the fan.

    Trust us -- the Bachelor spoilers (and conspiracy theories!) are pretty epic, to say the least! And for everyone who remains unspoiled? All will be revealed soon. Trust us, the shock of the moment has got to be worth the wait -- and all this hype.