'Bachelor' Spoilers: New Theory About Epic Finale Twist Has Us Scratching Our Heads



As if this season of The Bachelor hasn't been dramatic enough, it seems like there's potential for a seriously explosive finale. If you've read up on spoilers, you already know that something big is coming next week. But a new Bachelor conspiracy theory hints that we may actually see something that's never happened on this show before -- like for reals.


  • As Reality Steve revealed earlier this season, in the end, Arie reportedly chooses Becca, only to later change his mind and get back together with Lauren.

    Arie and Becca

    But as Life & Style pointed out, some fans on Reddit have an idea of what could have made him decide to make the switch. They think that Lauren might be pregnant ... and that was enough to convince Arie that he needed to be with her instead. (O.M.G!!!)

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  • Thinking about this even being possible is pretty mind-blowing, but OMG WHAT IF IT'S TRUE?

    It could go down exactly like this, and so far, there are a couple pieces of evidence to support this theory.

  • Exhibit A: According to this Redditor's investigating, it seems like Lauren has moved back in with her parents and quit her job.

    Are these things she might do if she's unexpectedly pregnant with her first child? Definitely, although we don't have all the information and it's not like this is 100 percent undeniable proof. 

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  • Exhibit B: Lauren tweeted a fan a birthday wish, saying that she couldn't come out to her party because she wasn't feeling well.

    Some Redditors took this to mean that she might be experiencing a little morning sickness -- although "not feeling too hot" could literally mean anything. Hmm ... 

  • Unfortunately, there isn't any legit proof of a pregnancy yet, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

    But if it's true? Well, Chris Harrison will finally be right in saying that this is about to be the MOST DRAMATIC BACHLEOR FINALE EVER. 

    Who's ready? We're already counting down until Monday.