Farrah Abraham Admits She & Her Daughter Have Nude Pics of Each Other

sophia and farrah

Even if you think you've been outraged about Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham's parenting decisions in the past, this one is definitely going to throw you for a loop. Apparently Farrah and Sophia keep naked photos of each other on their phones. Huh?!?

  • While chatting with TMZ, Farrah let it slip that she and Sophia live a "free" life, and by that, she means there's a lot of nudity in her house.

    First, she admitted that she and her daugther like to spend time naked when they're by themselves, which is a bit beyond the norm.

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  • "I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew," she said.

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  • Wait. Hold on. They share these photos because they're a MOM AND DAUGHTER CREW? Is this real life?

    Um ... plenty of moms who have close relationships with their daughters, and don't necessarily exchange nudes. We're kind of baffled that even Farrah would think this was okay. What happens if someone else gets a hold of Farrah's phone? That could easily turn into a disaster. 

  • Maybe for now, we should just hope that Farrah was kidding and try to forget this mess.

    Sophia may live life in the spotlight, but she should probably stay a kid for as long as possible. We really hope Farrah isn't doing anything that might jeopardize that.