Mackenzie Standifer Claims Maci Bookout Is Sabotaging Ryan's Time With Bentley


Ryan Edwards may have gone to rehab last year to kick his heroin addiction, but that does't mean things have gotten any better with Maci Bookout since he's been back. That was totally clear this week on Teen Mom OG, when a miscommunication between the two resulted in Ry not getting to trick-or-treat for Halloween with Bentley. 

  • Ry, his wife Mackenzie, and her son Hudson were supposed to meet up with Maci and her hubs Taylor McKinney, along with Bentley, and baby siblings Jayde and Maverick.

    It's been a tradition for Maci to take Bentley trick-or-treating with Ryan's parents Jen and Larry for years -- even the times he never showed up, or was just so late he missed the whole thing. When Taylor and then the little kids joined the family, she still kept it up, for Bentley sake, as well as her own relationship with Ryan's parents.

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    We're not sure what happened this past Halloween, but Maci told Jen and Larry that she'd be there at 6. She told Tay there was no point in communicating with Ryan, because he wouldn't communicate with her, and it was just easier to arrange things through his parents. Meanwhile, Ryan and Mackenzie swear that he texted Maci that they had to leave by 6, to take Hudson to his dad.

    MTV chose not to share any of these alleged text messages, so it's hard to tell exactly what happened, except that Mackenzie was convinced that Maci showed up late to sabotage Ryan and Bentley's bond. Oh boy. Hopefully Ryan and Maci are able to eventually communicate with each other over their son. 

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  • Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham was having major issues with her mom -- and weirdly with Jenelle Evans's ex-husband Courtland Rogers -- after getting back from vacation in Italy.

    Debra Danielsen was still preparing for her wedding with Dr. David when the episode was filmed, and after weeks of listening to her badger Farrah to come (and bring Sophia), we learned that she apparently invited one guest that would guarantee their non-attendance. 

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    Jenelle Evans, from Teen Mom 2, contacted Farrah to let her know that her convicted felon ex-husband Courtland Rogers had been invited to Deb's wedding. Farrah called her mom to confront her (because seriously -- wut?), and instead of saying it was just a rumor like we might have been expecting, or that she would rescind the invite, she started lecturing Farrah on how she needs to learn to forgive people. Someone needs to tell Debz OG that there's a difference between "forgiveness" and out-of-the-blue wedding invitations. 

  • Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra continued to share the good news of their pregnancy, which continued to break our hearts.

    Given the timing of the episode, this was filmed weeks or even days before Cate left for a treatment center after admitting to having suicidal thoughts. She's currently in for the third time since then, and considering how happy she seemed on the episode, plus the rumors that have leaked from insiders, it appears that Cate and Ty lost the baby

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    Rip our hearts out already. We're just glad Cate is doing what she needs to to take care of herself. 

  • And then there was Amber Portwood, who had a rough week with boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

    Was it just us, or did these two bicker at each other during every single one of their segments? We're hoping they worked it out, considering their little one's due date is getting closer every day.

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