Briana DeJesus Is Already Planning Her Next Baby Thanks to Kylie Jenner


It's been about two seconds since Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus broke up, but apparently she's already planning her next baby. The new Teen Mom 2 star talked about her next baby on social media this week, and credited Kylie Jenner with helping her decide on a name. 

  • Kylie shocked fans a few days ago by not only confirming her pregnancy, but sharing that she gave birth to a baby girl on February 1.

    Little Stormi Webster entered the world, and several days later, Ky and her boyfriend Travis Scott shared the most adorable video for her. Even though she kept fans in the dark, Kylie chronicled her entire pregnancy, and celebrated every milestone. 

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  • After Kylie revealed that she named her daughter Stormi, Bri tweeted the name of her next baby.

    Bri  already has two gorgeous daughters, Stella and Nova. Given those fanciful names, is "Whimsy" really a big surprise?

  • The crazy thing is that Briana recently alluded to having a baby with Javi Marroquin.


    When a fan asked her if she was pregnant, Bri responded, "Not yet." They've since broken up, so there presumably aren't going to be any babies coming out of the Javiana camp, but isn't it weird that she is already naming her next one?

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  • There's no way to know if Bri is really planning on having another little one thanks to Kylie Jenner.

    But honestly, she does make very cute babies. Here's to hoping that she takes her time and plans the next one for when the time it right -- not because a fellow celeb had a baby.