Kailyn Lowry Looks Like a Different Person in Latest Instagram Snap


Kailyn Lowry may have just admitted that she decided against plastic surgery in favor of a nutritionist and working out, but that doesn't mean that she didn't have any work done. At least according to Teen Mom 2 fans, who are convinced that Kail had Botox after she posted a couple new photos. 

  • The mom of three shared a couple of new photos recently, showing off her gorgeous hair and makeup.

    Holy moly, does she look amazing or what? A few weeks ago, Kailyn confessed that her Miami vacation had actually been a scheduled trip for plastic surgery, but she opted out at the last minute. She tweeted, "I won’t lie to y'all, I came to Miami for lipo & a boob job. But hours before my surgery I decided I don’t want to go through with it." 

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    In another tweet she added, "When i get home I'll use the money i was gona spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out."
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  • But fans were quick to judge her makeup and declare that while she may have foregone plastic surgery, she may have embraced Botox.

    You know, because any time a mom looks fresh-faced, it's obviously because she's had some work done. Kail looks gorgeous here, and it appears as though some people on the Internet have never heard of contouring. 

  • God bless Kail though, who clapped back on social media.

    The struggle is real, y'all. We all want to wear makeup, but then when we do, people don't even recognize us -- or in Kail's case, accuse us of having work done. Can we please just let this mom live? Of course she looks different wearing makeup. That doesn't mean she's had any work done other than a brush to her cheekbones. 

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  • We can't get enough of this beautiful mom.

    Sure she looks different than in some of her other photos. Doesn't happiness do that to a person? Besides, she's been so open about her cosmetic procedures in the past that we're pretty sure she'd be open with her fans if she had Botox.