MTV Has Reportedly Found Farrah Abraham's 'Teen Mom OG' Replacement

farrah abraham

Now that Farrah Abraham is supposedly done with Teen Mom OG, we can't help but wonder who will wind up filling her spot. Get this one -- there's a chance we're about to see a lot more of Ryan Edwards's new wife very soon. Word on the street is that Mackenzie Standifer is going to replace Farrah on the show, which is definitely going to shake things up.

  • Toward the end of last year, Farrah was apparently fired from Teen Mom OG, and we've been wondering how that would affect the show next season.

    Would Catelynn, Maci, and Amber just be given more screen time, or would MTV find a replacement? And if they did, who would they go with? As of right now, it sounds like Mackenzie has already made the short list -- even though she already appears on the show as part of Ryan's segments. 

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  • The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported that Mackenzie may already be in negotiations to take Farrah's slice of screen time, and it comes with a bump in salary.

    According to The Ashley, MTV would pay her $3,000 an episode, which is still less than what the other moms on the show make, but then again, they've been around for much longer. It would save MTV some money to bring on someone new, and it's definitely less than what they've been paying Farrah, so it'd be like a win for the network.

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  • And since they have already been filming Mackenzie for the series, it does make for a really smooth transition.

    "Recently, they’ve been filming her life with Ryan for Maci‘s segment almost more than Maci’s life," the source told the site. "Plus, she was a teenage mother so it kind of makes sense.”

  • The Ashley added that the only other person in the running for the spot is Mackenzie Douthit from Teen Mom 3.

    Being that her mom was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, and Mackenzie is running her own personal fitness company and raising her little ones, fans are definitely still interested in what she's up to, so she might be a good choice too.

  • Basically, somebody named Mackenzie is getting this gig, and now, we just have to sit back and wait for MTV's final decision.

    Whatever it is, it's going to make next season really interesting. We'll miss Farrah and her antics, of course, but we can't wait to see what the future holds for the show with this huge change in the works.