Chelsea DeBoer Has the Perfect Response When Jenelle Evans Calls Her 'Boring'


Jenelle Evans has never been one to back away slowly from a feud, especially when it comes to her Teen Mom 2 costars. The mom of three went off on both Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer and Kailyn Lowry this week, and honestly, we're not really that surprised. 

  • The whole thing started when a fan commented on Jenelle's Facebook page that she wished she were more like Chels.

    She apparently thinks Chelsea is "boring as f**k," and she'd rather not emulate her lifestyle. 

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  • Chels has come a long way since her Adam Lind days, and it shows.

    She's now happily married to the studly Cole DeBoer, and they have 1-year-old Watson together, in addition to her daughter Aubree, 8. Plus Cole is pretty much the best stepdad ever, so there's that too. Boring or not, we'd say Chels is doing pretty well for herself.

  • When someone tweeted Jenelle's comments to Chelsea, she had the perfect response.

    She's happy with her life. In a second tweet about the topic, she added, "Very content, yes! And I love it." Aww, we love her too!

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  • Not content to just go after Chelsea, Jenelle also turned to Kailyn Lowry.

    Someone accused Jenelle of copying Kail's YouTube videos, and she responded, "I’ve did this before it became popular." She also added that she thinks Kail's new vlog series, Kail and the Chaos, "looks like a 5th grader edited it." Ouch! 

    As a response, Kailyn only tweeted "Silence is golden." Both ladies are obviously rising above the fray on this one.