'Teen Mom' Fans Question the Timing of Amber Portwood's Pregnancy

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Amber Portwood certainly moved on from ex-fiancé Matt Baier faster than an ice cream cone melts in July, announcing a pregnancy with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon just months after she and Matt finally broke up. Now some people are questioning the timing of the Teen Mom OG star's pregnancy, and wondering if the baby might be Matt's instead of Andrew's

  • Matt and Amber finally broke up after filming "Marriage Boot Camp" together last spring -- which is where she met Andrew, who worked on the camera crew.

    Although Matt and Amber's relationship had been on a steady downhill trajectory for years, and she and Andrew insist that nothing happened until after the official breakup, the timing is still suspect. She was on a show to try and fix her relationship with Matt when she met the man who fathered her unborn child. It's bound to raise eyebrows. 

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  • On Instagram this week, Andrew revealed that Amber's due date with their baby boy is May 13.

    One fan did the math and tweeted in response, "Now everyone can go see what or who Amber was doing on August 20, 2017." Someone else added, "She was still sleeping with Matt then and I know this because I was talking to that loser," and yet another fan chimed in, "It seems really close between the time Amber was last with Matt and when she got with Andrew. I think there’s definitely an overlap."

  • However suspect the timing is, a source close to the couple revealed that there's no way Amber's baby could possibly be Matt's.

    An insider told Radar Online, "That would be physically impossible ...They broke up and [Matt] moved to Las Vegas on July 3. The baby had to be conceived in August. She never came to visit him in August."

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    Fans of the show know that after Amber and Matt broke up, she considered flying out to Las Vegas from Indianapolis to visit him. Instead, Andrew came out to see her from Malibu, where he was working as a camera man, and well -- the rest is story. As the source said about Matt and this baby, "It's definitely not his."

  • Even though Amber and Andrew got pregnant within a few weeks of beginning their relationship, she seems really happy.

    She even stopped taking her meds for her bipolar and borderline personality disorders, because she says that Andrew is a positive person who lifts her up. It's a good thing, too, since she told MTV producers last season that she couldn't get pregnant, because the meds she was on would harm a fetus.

    We can't wait to meet Amber and Andrew's little boy this spring, and we wish them nothing but the best.