People Are Seriously Bent Out of Shape Over Jenelle Evans's Latest Photo of Baby Ensley


Jenelle Evans is no newbie when it comes to parenting critics. The mom of three had a rough start in the "momming" department, which even resulted in her giving custody of her eldest, Jace, to her mom, Barbara Evans. But over the past few years, we've watched Jenelle clean up her act and come into her own -- which is why it seems ridiculous for fans to go after her like they did this week. 

  • Jenelle did not put socks on her 1-year-old daughter Ensley, which apparently freaked some people out.

    The Teen Mom 2 star posted this precious picture of her baby and her stepdaughter Maryssa, and captioned it, "The little princesses," and added the hashtag #sisters. Jenelle's husband David Eason has full custody of his daughter, so it's no doubt that these two have already formed quite the bond. 

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    Even so, some people couldn't get beyond the fact that Ensley wasn't wearing socks or shoes. 

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  • Commenters couldn't wait to point out that Jenelle and her costars sometimes post pictures of their babies without foot-coverings.

    This person has apparently been stalking all the Teen Mom stars on MTV and taking note of which ones are wearing socks. We honestly hadn't been paying attention, but apparently it's something to be concerned over. 

  • Seriously, the baby isn't wearing socks and people are bent out of shape?

    We're just going to go ahead and assume that these people have never had their own children. If they had, they'd understand that babies love nothing more than pulling socks and shoes off their itty-bitty feet. Ten thousand points to the parent who can keep their baby's socks on their toes. 

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  • Thankfully, more than a few fans came to Jenelle's defense.

    There really is nothing wrong with her photo.