Fans Freak Out Over Sophia Abraham's 'Bad Manners' in Mom Farrah's New Video

sophia abraham

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is very often criticized for the way she parents her daughter, Sophia, but are her haters going too far this time? Fans are criticizing Sophia's behavior in a new video that Farrah posted on her Instagram -- but is it typical kid stuff, or an actual badly behaved child? 

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  • Here's the video in question, where Farrah and Sophia are advertising a box of chocolates ahead of Valentine's Day:

    Farrah is trying to show off how yummy the fancy chocolates look, but Sophia is only interested in taste testing them all, and even licks a couple before she puts them back into the box. 

  • After watching all that go down -- which honestly, Farrah barely even acknowledges -- fans started ripping Farrah apart in the comments.

    A couple of fans chose to keep their comments short and sweet -- like on one who simply called Sophia a "little brat" -- but this one attacked Farrah personally. Ouch. 

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  • This fan straight up told Farrah that Sophia needs manners...

  • And this one could not believe that Sophia was licking the chocolates.

    But honestly, has ANYONE ever been successful putting a box full of yummy chocolates in front of a kid, expecting them not to touch them? It's gross to lick candy and then put it back in the box for sure, but it's not like they were going to give these chocolates away. These are probably Sophia's candies, and if they weren't before, they are now after all that licking. 

  • It has to be practically impossible to get an 8-year-old to sit still for a video like that ... so are all these rude comments actually called for?

    Sophia is a kid, and Farrah is clearly doing the best she can, so maybe we should leave the parenting to her. 

  • Either way, this girl is just going to keep living it up.

    It might be wise to refrain from sharing chocolates with her though. Just to be safe.