Tyler Baltierra Makes a Heartbreaking Confession About Nova


We can't even imagine what a rough time Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra is having right now. He's been a pillar of strength and support for his wife Catelynn while she's been dealing with her own mental health issues at a treatment center, and his latest confession about their daughter Nova is just devastating. 

  • Earlier this week, Tyler shared an emotional video on Instagram, saying that he's been struggling himself lately.

    In his message, he said, "Sometimes, you just don't even really know what to say to your children. I don't ever cry in front of [my daughter] Nova or anything. I don't want her to feel any of that ... You have good days, and then you have bad days. And today is just a bad day."

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    Meanwhile, a gossip website decided to start spreading rumors that he'd been unfaithful to Cate. It was a blind item piece of news, but Tyler called them out on social media, saying that he had nothing to hide, regarding the baseless rumors.

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  • When a fan site linked his emotional Instagram video with the infidelity gossip, Tyler set everyone straight with the heartbreaking truth.

    Nova misses her mama something fierce. The 3-year-old isn't old enough yet to really understand that her mom is taking care of herself so that she can be the best mom she can be when she gets back. All she knows is that her mom isn't there. We knew Ty was having a tough time missing his wife, but we can't imagine how hard it is to take care of a toddler who misses her mommy too. 

  • Cate is totally doing the right thing by taking a time-out to focus on her mental health.

    This is her third time in treatment since November, when she announced to fans on social media that she was seeking help after having suicidal thoughts. It was later revealed on Teen Mom OG that she likely had a miscarriage just before entering rehab, which may have been the trigger for her depression. 

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  • We're sure that Catelynn is missing Nova too.

    No doubt she's working hard to get herself better and back to her sweet little family. We can only imagine the tears when mother and daughter reunite.