Amber Portwood's Relationship With Andrew Glennon May Be Going Downhill Already

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Uh-oh. Things may already be deteriorating between Amber Portwood and her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon, despite the fact that they're having a baby together in a few short months. In a clip from this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, the couple argue over finding out their baby's gender, and it doesn't go well. 

  • Amber, who is already a mom to Leah, 9, revealed that she was 13 weeks along in her pregnancy, and eager to find out if she's having a boy or a girl.

    Andrew, however, argued that he thought it might be cool to keep the gender a surprise. He even suggested painting the baby's room a "gender-neutral" color like taupe, and then changing things up once the baby arrives. 

    Ambs was having none of it though. She started out reasonably stating her position on the matter, which was, "I want to know what the baby is so I could get prepared." She explained, "If it's a boy, I never had a boy. I'm getting stressed out. There is stuff you have to do before you have a baby."

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    When Andrew pushed her about keeping the gender a surprise, she got seriously flustered. "You don't understand at all," she shot back. "It's easier and better to know what the baby is and to prepare ... I'm done! What is happening? What is the big deal? I'm pissed off. It's the weirdest argument."

    Andrew asked her why she was afraid to find out if they are having a son or a daughter, and she replied, "I'm not afraid of anything! It's called being prepared. I don't give a s**t about your hippie bulls**t right now!"

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  • Amber and Andrew started dating over the summer after meeting on the set of "Marriage Boot Camp," where he worked on the camera crew.

    Amber went on the show with her ex-fiancé Matt Baier, but it quickly became evident that they weren't going to work out. Thank goodness, because most of us fans were pretty sick of him by that point. Anyway, the 27-year-old quickly moved on, and Andrew flew from his Malibu home to Indianapolis to see if something was there with Amber.

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  • In an unexpected twist, Amber and Andrew announced that they were expecting a baby together after just a few months of dating.

    Amber had previously revealed that having another baby would be "impossible" for her, as she needed to be on certain medications to manage her bipolar and borderline personality disorders. 

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    After sharing the pregnancy news, she told producers that she had been off the meds for over a month, because she felt so happy and balanced with Andrew in her life. She explained, "[Andrew is] a very uplifting person, he's positive."

  • We're not sure what this fight over finding out the baby's gender means for their future, but we hope everything works out for these two.

    Since the scene was filmed, they announced that they're having a boy, so they obviously came to some sort of decision about finding out if the baby was a he or a she. Let's just hope that it was a mutual agreement after they worked out their differences.