Jenelle Evans Shares Bare Belly Photo After Pregnancy Rumors Persist

jenelle & david

The Teen Mom rumor mill is always churning out something that has to do with Jenelle Evans, and apparently she's fed up with it. Jenelle is shutting down pregnancy rumors again, and this time, she has photographic proof. 

  • On Tuesday, Jenelle headed to Twitter to set the record straight, and it sounds like she's pretty pissed about this false information being spread. She tweeted:

    In the OK magazine story, it was claimed that Jenelle's been deleting Instagram comments asking if she's pregnant, which apparently makes it look like she is pregnant and hiding it. 

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  • So that led to Jenelle sharing this photo of her bare belly, proving that there's no baby in there.

  • We totally get why Jenelle is upset -- nobody likes rumors being spread about them, and deleted Instagram comments could mean anything.

    However, we also understand why people might be skeptical, because last time she denied pregnancy rumors up and down, we later found out that she actually was pregnant with Ensley.

  • But I guess we'll have to take her word for it.

    She certainly doesn't need to waste time on these rumors!