Jenelle Evans Flips Out After Kailyn Lowry Criticizes Her Wedding

Kail & Jenelle

If there was ever any hope of Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry getting along again one day, well ... consider that hope lost. Jenelle lashed out at Kailyn on Twitter, and we're honestly surprised it didn't turn into a bigger blow-up than it already has. 

  • On Monday night's behind-the-scenes "Teen Mom 2" special, fans were treated to footage of Jenelle's wedding to David Eason, which aired earlier this season.


    If you caught it the first time, their wedding didn't exactly go off without a hitch. There was fighting, there was drama with Jenelle's mom, Barbara, and even though everything turned out okay in the end, it definitely wasn't seamless.

  • Seeing this footage prompted Kail to say something not-so-nice on Twitter...

  • And if you've been paying attention to the show and all its drama over the years, you HAD to know that Jenelle wasn't going to let that one go -- and she fired off this tweet:


    So basically, she's insinuating that Kail planned to split with Javi to get pregnant with someone else's baby and bragged about it. Yikes. 

  • For some reason unbeknownst to us, Kailyn chose not to fire back at that one, and instead continued tweeting about the episode without mentioning Jenelle.


    Good for her for rising above, because it had to be really hard to resist replying to a tweet like that. We're positive that she had to have been dying to send a comeback her way.

    After all, this certainly isn't the first time these two have feuded.

  • It's not like Kail is totally innocent, though. She did make that comment about Jenelle's wedding.


    Sigh. We may never get to see the Teen Mom 2 cast as a happy family at this rate. At least the kids seem to get along? 

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