'Teen Mom OG' Fans Wonder If Ryan Edwards Is Really Bentley's Dad


Well this is one crazy fan theory we didn't see coming. Some Teen Mom OG fans are convinced that Maci Bookout's son Bentley was not fathered by Ryan Edwards, but instead by her ex-boyfriend Kyle King

  • One person even put up a side-by-side photo of Kyle and Bentley, and even we have to admit that they do look a lot alike.

    "YoOOoo.... Didnt [Ryan's dad] Larry say everyone was going to know the truth about Maci?" the person wrote. "Ryan started crying. Everyone watching was confused? This sums it up for me." 

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    While Kyle and Maci publicly dated and lived together after Bentley was born, it turns out that they knew each other in high school, when Maci got pregnant.

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  • However, another fan managed to dig up some old footage from a way-back episode of Teen Mom, when the issue was already addressed.

    It turns out that Kyle's mom was wondering if perhaps Bentley was her own grandson, instead of Jen and Larry's. A friend told Maci that Kyle's mom had had a drugstore DNA test done on her son and Bentley, just to put her mind at ease after noticing that they looked so much alike. Later when Maci called him, he seemed to confirm the news.

  • Besides, don't you think Maci wouldn't have jumped at the chance to have Ry not be the father of her child?

    He's caused her no end of headaches ever since she saw two lines on the pregnancy test when she was just a teenager. Ryan's half-assed attempt at fatherhood has been well documented on the show over the years, and it recently came out after years of speculation that he has had a drug abuse problem.

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    Things got so out of control for Ryan that he allegedly was spending $10,000 a week on heroin before entering rehab last spring. Of course we all hope that he will step up to the plate and be a real father to Bentley, but we can't deny that it would've been much simpler for Maci to have cut him out of her life years ago. 
  • Meanwhile, we're not worried about Maci (or the parentage of her other kids, for that matter).

    Maci has since moved on from both Ryan and Kyle, and is married to Taylor McKinney, who has been a consistent father figure in Bentley's life basically for as long as he can remember. They have two kiddos of their own, Jayde, 2, and Maverick, 1, and they happen to look a lot like Taylor. Not that anyone would question their DNA, but you never know what crazy theories people will throw out next.