Javi Marroquin Offers an Unexpected Heartfelt Apology to Kailyn Lowry

kail & javi

After months of nonstop arguing between Teen Mom 2 exes Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, could it finally be over? Javi has apologized to Kail after all the drama surrounding Briana DeJesus, and now that Javi and Bri's relationship is over, it seems like maybe Javi and Kail are about to turn over a new co-parenting leaf. 

  • On Friday, Javi announced that he'd apologized to Kail, who just so happened to retweet him:

    Remember how Javi headed to Miami to be there with Briana DeJesus when she had plastic surgery? Seems like that trip made him realize an important thing or two and change his tune -- and his priority is having a good relationship with Kail since she's Lincoln's mom.

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  • Kail also shared a tweet of her own, adding that she's not going to dish on what she knows about Javi and Briana's split.

  • And as for Briana? Well, she's still in Miami recovering from her surgery, and all her past tweets about Javi have been deleted.


    Could this actually be a sign that all this back and forth is actually over? Knowing these Teen Mom 2 stars, we wouldn't be surprised if there's more to come, especially once the episodes that have been filmed during this time finally start to air. 

  • Whatever happens next, we're really happy for Lincoln.

    Fingers crossed this ceasefire lasts. Even though Kail and Javi couldn't make things work as a couple, they can definitely pull off raising this cute little guy together as long as they put in the effort.

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