Leah Messer Accused of 'Sending the Wrong Message' by Letting Her Girls Wear Crop Tops

leah messer

Seems like once again, fans are rioting about Leah Messer's parenting decisions. The Teen Mom 2 star got slammed for a photo of her daughter and her friends wearing crop tops, and even though it's just their cheerleading uniforms, people are heated

  • The controversy started when Leah shared this photo of daughter Gracie and the rest of her team:

    Everyone looks adorable, and it's now completely impossible to deny that Gracie (second from left, standing) is Leah's true mini-me. But some people didn't see it that way -- in fact, a lot of Leah's followers just couldn't get past the fact that Leah would allow her daughter to wear a uniform that showed off her tummy. 

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  • Some commenters couldn't help but point out that they thought the uniforms were completely inappropriate:

  • And others thought that these uniforms were so bad that they took it to a SERIOUS place, saying that the outfits could even attract pedophiles.

  • Fortunately, the comments aren't all negative. Plenty of people also stood up to defend the girls and Leah.

    This person has a good point. It's not just Leah's team who dresses like this. Many girls her age wear makeup and dress in crop tops when they are cheerleaders, with these kinds of outfits extending to girls who are involved with dance, too. Obviously, these little girls seem like they're having a blast -- at least from the photos Leah's always shared -- so maybe everyone should stop tearing Leah down for a uniform she wasn't actually responsible for?

  • All we know is that Leah is the only one who can make the right choices for Gracie, and we seriously doubt she'd put her kids in danger.

    And if everyone's safe and having fun, isn't that all that really matters?