'Bachelor' Star Bekah Martinez Was Spotted on a Missing Persons List by a Fan


Huh. Out of all of the weird stories to ever come out of the Bachelor franchise, this just might take the cake. Get this one -- apparently Bekah Martinez was on a missing persons list that had been put out by the California Department of Justice -- and a fan wound up recognizing her, which led to her being removed from the list. Yes -- a missing persons list. 

  • Here's the photo that started this whole saga.

    Yep. That's Bekah. No denying it.

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  • The missing person pic was reportedly compared to shots from Bekah's Instagram to make sure it was her.

    At that point, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office was contacted, and the deputy who took the missing persons report ultimately called Bekah to confirm her identity. After the deputy spoke with her, she was finally taken off the list.

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  • OK, so here's where it gets interesting.

    Want to guess who reported Bekah missing? According to People -- who got in touch with the public information officer for the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office, Samantha Kargas -- it was Bekah's own mother. Kargas reportedly told the publication that Bekah's mom reported her missing on November 18, because she had not heard from her since November 12. 

    Apparently Bekah's mother said that her daughter was supposedly planning to work at a marijuana farm, at which point the mother called Bekah via a friend's cell phone, and told her she wanted her to return home. Bekah reportedly would not adhere to her mother's request, and also told her that she was in Eureka, California, at the time, and would see her in "seven to eight days."

  • Wait -- there's more.

    People went on to report that Bekah's mom was contacted by a deputy sheriff on December 12, to see if there had been any word from her daughter. At that point, Bekah's mom informed the deputy that she had heard from her on November 18, and was told that she was coming back home. 

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    As for why Bekah was never removed from the list? Apparently the deputy was never able to make contact with her directly, which is a requirement for being taken off the missing persons list.

  • Bekah seems to be having fun with the story, and has offered her reaction on Twitter.

    Huh. Wait a second. So ... we guess that means she was actually filming The Bachelor when she "went missing"? As pointed out in the People story, Bekah did stop posting on social media on September 17, and then picked back up with it on November 23, and now that we know she's a contestant on The Bachelor, the whole absent-from-Insta-and-Twitter thing makes sense.

    But what's with the marijuana farm explanation? We aren't sure what to make of it. According to People, the public information officer they spoke to, Samantha Kargas, did indicate that there are marijuana farms in Humboldt County where people come to work, and that there is a lack of cell phone service where the farms are located. She indicated that she believes Bekah's mother had a "legitimate concern" as far as the well-being of her daughter went.

    But does that mean she didn't know her daughter was going on The Bachelor? And if that's the case, did Bekah tell her that she was going to ... work on a marijuana farm? So. Many. Questions.

  • Bekah, however, doesn't seem to be offering any further explanation -- instead, choosing to keep the comedy around the whole ordeal going.

    Hmm. One thing's for sure -- there's definitely more to this 22-year-old than meets the eye.