A Look at Tyler Baltierra's Amazing Weight-Loss Journey

CafeMom Contributors | Feb 2, 2018 TV
A Look at Tyler Baltierra's Amazing Weight-Loss Journey


Teen Mom OG dad Tyler Baltierra is definitely a fan fave. There's no doubt about that. And how could he not be?! He's sweet, he's caring, he loves his little fam (wife Catelynn Lowell is a lucky gal!), and he's adorable to boot. One fun thing about Tyler is that he's all about being an open book. He's totally cool with sharing all different aspects of his life, both on TV and social media -- and that includes his journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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Tyler's been on a health kick, and he's been including his fans on this new chapter in his life. He has taken to Instagram and Twitter to share pictures, stories, and other tidbits detailing his weight loss, and it's been truly fascinating to see. He's also been interactive with his followers as well, allowing them to be part of this new phase of his life. Just one of the many reasons to love Tyler!

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So take a look at this new side of Tyler and see if it inspires a newer, healthier lifestyle too. Tyler shows us that if we put our mind to it, we can accomplish all kinds of things -- including a lifestyle transformation that makes us feel stronger and healthier than ever.

Tyler is amazing no matter what he looks like, of course -- and the same goes for all of us. But even still, why not celebrate the new lifestyle he's so proud of? Nothing wrong with trying to make positive changes in life!

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