Mackenzie Standifer Might Be Gearing Up for a Tough Custody Battle

mackenzie and ryan

Sounds like a trying time is unfortunately coming Mackenzie Standifer's way. According to a new report from Radar Online, Mackenzie's ex is taking her to court for custody of their son, and if the information the site has shared so far is true, it doesn't sound like it's going to be pretty.

  • We don't see Mackenzie's son, Hudson, on "Teen Mom OG" too often, but when he's around, it's clear that Mackenzie and husband Ryan adore him.

    And although Mackenzie has stated in the past that she has primary custody of him, that might all be about to change.

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  • A source has told Radar that Mackenzie's ex Zach isn't pleased by Mack's behavior lately, and that he's planning to do something about it.

    "He wants to take Hudson from her," a source close to Mackenzie's baby daddy said. "She never has Hudson. It's her mom, Ryan's mom Jen, or Zach watching him. Zach doesn't feel with her is where Hudson needs to be." 

  • It gets worse. Supposedly Hudson -- who is 3 years old -- allegedly screams when it's time to leave his dad's house.

  • Of course, an actual court date has yet to be confirmed, so it's hard to tell what will happen from here -- or if these claims are even true.

  • We just hope all this drama resolves itself soon.

    We can't even begin to imagine how stressed and upset Mackenzie must be.