'The Bachelor': Krystal Calls Arie Luyendyk a Liar but Bekah Gets the Last Word


Well? It may have been nice and sunny when Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his lovely ladies arrived in Fort Lauderdale on this week's episode of The Bachelor, but good GRIEF -- the whole "Hurricane Krystal" thing isn't even an exaggeration of just how much crazy she brought to the table last night.

  • OMG. How? How did she go from this cute, bubbly, sweet, dog-loving gal to ... totally self-centered and entitled in a matter of a couple weeks?

    At first, I was totally willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, because she does seem to have a stronger connection with Arie than some of the other women in the house. And being surrounded by multiple women who are dating the same dude as you does present its fair share of challenges, so it's kinda hard to know what it feels like to be in that situation unless you've experienced it.

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  • But after her team won the bowling challenge on the group date, and Arie proceeded to change his mind about letting both teams come to the after party?


    It's like a switch flipped inside of Krystal, or something -- and she instantly morphed into what can only be described as a spoiled, "I'm-gonna-pout-'cause-I-didn't-get-my-way" 5-year-old child.

    Of course, she had to take her disappointment one step further, and went and mouthed off to the girls about what a liar Arie is, blah, blah, blah. (Big mistake, Krystal. HUGE.)

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    Did she honestly believe her comments wouldn't get back to him? Um, has she seen this show before, or even heard about it? Being a contestant is kind of like waiting to be arrested at all times. Whatever comes out of your mouth can, and most likely WILL, be used against you.

  • And it WAS used against her. More than once. Although we'd be lying if we said Bekah's impersonation of her wasn't a gift.

    Bekah. Who else is 100 percent #TeamBekah, and even more so after she called Krystal out at the after party? I was "this close" to getting up off my warm, cozy couch and applauding when she compared Krystal changing her mind and attending the cocktail party to Arie changing HIS mind and allowing all of the women to attend the party. (That's a mouthful.) And she basically said if Arie is a liar, then Krystal is a liar too.

    I mean ... is Bekah right, or what? And I know people can't shut up about her age, but that woman really seems to have more wits about her at 22 than most people do.

  • Bekah's words sent Krystal right back to hiding in her room, which is probably where she should've stayed.

    Oh wait, I forgot. She wasn't hiding. She was "investing in herself." (You do you, girl.)

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  • We probably shouldn't be all that surprised that Arie kept her around, however.

    Chances are, he still sees the sweet, soft-spoken, super charitable girl we all saw in the premiere episode, and he isn't willing to let her go just yet.

    That's all well and good, but something tells us there's another Hurricane Krystal coming in the near future. Huh. Do they have hurricanes in Paris? We'll find out soon enough.