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  • Steve grabbed a couple screenshots from Becca's Instagram story that seemed to confirm the breakup.

    Well OK then. There was also another one of drooping, dying flowers, that she captioned, "Mood." Definitely not the pics we'd expect from someone happily engaged to the love of her life.

    We don't know all the details about what goes down yet, but apparently Becca's ex-boyfriend shows up in Peru and proposes to her. She turns him down, and then accepts Arie's proposal. Did he feel personally guilted into proposing to her over Lauren B. because she rejected her ex's proposal for him? 

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    It's also worth noting that Arie has said multiple times since the premiere aired that he falls in love with two women this season. Why would he say something like that if he didn't have doubts about who he picked? It's kind of a dick move to repeat over and over if you're trying to reassure your fiancée that she's the only one for you. 

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  • In addition to sources who have confirmed that Arie and Lauren Burnham are now dating, ABC was reportedly filming at her mom's house in Virginia last week.


    According to Steve, Lauren's mom's next door neighbor reported that Arie and an ABC film crew showed up to her house last week. Presumably so he could beg her forgiveness and ask her out after breaking her heart in Peru? He must be one suave dude, because apparently she said "yes," and they are now together, although not engaged.

    Only one thing is for sure -- it's going to be one heck of an ATFR show this season!